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Is it a sin?

'Judge not...' that common phrase had dogged me all my life and left me in a world of confusion. But then a light bulb came on! Didn't Jesus also tell us to forgive? How can we forgive if we don't first judge someone to be in need of our forgiveness? Does this make forgiveness a judgment? The same goes for blessing or giving; they also require us to judge. So have we got the concept of judging wrong? Are Christians supposed to judge? Take a look at the Scriptures with me, and judge for yourself...

Written by

Monica Bennett-Ryan

Published in Queensland in  February 2018

Take heed

what you do

for you judge

not for man

but for the LORD,

who is with you

in the judgment.


A tale of righteous judgment...

In 2011 a small group of Christians 'bit the bullet' and successfully exposed corruption within Australia's Defence Intelligence that was putting the serving military and other Australians at riskMonica led that group!


In May 2011 three ordinary Australians made headline news with damning allegations about Australia's Defence Intelligence and Security Authority (DSA). They claimed that the DSA was forcing staff to falsify data in Secret and Top Secret files and pass that false data onto ASIO (Australia’s CIA) as true and correct. The most remarkable thing about their claims was that they had no evidence for their allegations. The evidence was in Secret Defence files, but would Defence admit the corruption?  

“Three Defence whistleblowers say they have been directly ordered by superiors to falsify security checks on civilian and military personnel.” (ABC News, 16/5/2011)


The allegations made were shocking. No one could believe Australia’s Defence Intelligence would do such a terrible thing. Within 24 hours of their public announcement the whistleblowers were publicly denounced as liars and a high level Defence investigation was set in place to prove that they alone were the ones falsifying data.  

“The Defence Department said that only the security checks performed by the three whistleblowers would have to be re-checked.” (John Stewart, ABC Lateline Program, 21/9/2011)


At that time a high-profile barrister, who had worked on the Fitzgerald Inquiry, offered his expertise to the whitleblower's free of charge. When they asked him why he was helping them he told them, 'because it's a good cause.' He was a God-send! He advised them not to speak to the Defence Investigators; for if they did they would most probably be prosecuted and jailed for 'revealing secrets' and breaching the Secrecy Act. So they took his advice and each of them refused to be interviewed.

Nine days after it was set up that high-profile Defence investigation was cancelled. Amazing! Nevertheless, in that short time, so much evidence to support their claims had been uncovered that the Prime Minister herself, Julia Gillard, intervened and took the investigation out of the hands of the Secretary of Defence and placed it into the hands of the most powerful intelligence investigative body in Australia, the Investigator General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS), who's investigation held the power of a Royal Commission. This meant that the whistleblower's could give evidence without fear of prosecution. Awesome!

“We are going to find out from the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security the depth and length and breadth of how severe this problem is, and I think it’s very severe.” (Senator Johnston, ABC Lateline, 19 October, 2011)


The six-month IGIS investigation found so much evidence of corruption that it referred to the whistleblower claims as ‘the tip of the iceberg’. The corruption was so widespread and had been going on for so long that some of the damage done was found to be unfixable. To the whistleblower's surprise the first of the 13 Recommendations of the IGIS Report was an order to the Secretary of Defence to write an apology to each of the three whistleblowers stating that they had been reporting the truth from the beginning. Incredible! On top of that, these letters had to be confirmed as delivered into their hands before the final IGIS report could be given to the Senate and made public.

“Three whistleblowers who claimed that thousands of Defence security checks had been compromised have been vindicated after an official report found their allegations to be true.” (Tony Jones, ABC Lateline Program, 8/2/2012)


The day after the IGIS Report was presented to Parliament and aired on the ABC, Senator David Johnston, the shadow Minister for Defence, stood up in Parliament and praised the three whistleblowers for their efforts in successfully uncovering one of the greatest security threats in Australia's history.

“We owe them a debt of gratitude. The parliament owes these three brave people a great debt of gratitude for coming forward in the circumstances.” Senator David Johnston in an address to Parliament 9/2/2012


Though many 'insiders' knew about this corruption, some of whom came forward later to 'anonymously' confirm the allegations to the ABC, the only three people who had the courage to 'go public' and put their names, faces and freedoms on the line in order to expose the corruption and bring about necessary change, were dedicated Christians. Each of them said that their courage throughout the three and a half year ordeal, their resolve, strength of purpose and unity was due to one thing only, their faith in the wisdom, power and faithfulness of their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and in the reliability of God's word. 

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." (Psalm 119:104-105)

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