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Hi, and welcome! 

IN HIS NAME PUBLISHING is a publishing house with a difference.  It has a heart that beats with encouragement for first time authors. The owner is a published author who understands the anxieties and questions that come in taking that last giant step every author needs to take, into the actual publication of your written work, and our graphic artist, Bronwen Russell, (click here to visit her blog), has had 25 years professional experience in her chosen field. 

We know it's not a small thing to create something from nothing, so before we do anything else we would like to offer you our congratulations because you've done it!  You've written a book and it's now ready to publish. You've followed through and persevered against all odds to create a lasting legacy that will showcase your thinking and reveal to the world some of the hidden aspects of your personality, like your competence, creativity, commitment and courage. 

Unlike many others who don't like to 'hold the writer's hand' as they go through the publishing process, we at In His Name Publishing will hold your hand and explain to you whatever you need explained. We will train you up so that you are completely in charge of your local and international sales prices, which you will be able to change at any time. You will be able to see all sales, worldwide, in real time from your own desktop. You will be the only one with access to your royalties, which will remain 100% yours, as we don't take a percentage. We will assist you to gain all the worldwide tax concessions necessary to sell your book on the international stage, and we will provide you with the highest quality professional exterior design and interior layout.

If you decide to let us help you with the publishing process, the next step will be a lot easier for you, for most of the work will be done by us, in consultation with you at every step.  Then, in the not so distant future you will finally hold in your hand the first copy of a book that you will find beautiful both inside and out, presenting your words the way you want them presented. What's more, you will be able to proudly point your friends and family to your professional international listings on places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

On this website you will find details about our two publishing packages. Take the time to think about each of the different processes and feel free to email us with any questions you may have prior to publication of your book. 

May God bless all your writing endeavours.

Write the vision!  Make it plain!  So that it can be sent out!  (Hab.2:2)

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