P U B L I S H I N G

Hi, and welcome to my website! 

I'm Monica Bennett-Ryan and In His Name is my publishing label, as I dedicate everything I do to the service of Jesus Christ. 

I am primarily an author and publish my own works as well as books for other fledgling Christian authors and each publication comes with it's own, very simple, promotional video for youtube.

In the near future I will be adding to this website posters, Christmas banners, and a personal video service to capture memories or prophetic words received.

The graphic artist I use for most of my work is a Queensland based professional of 25 years experience in her chosen field, Bronwen Russell. You can see more about Bronwen by visiting her website (click here to visit her blog).

My stories... 

I have been a Christian all of my life, and have always loved writing. I have written songs, plays, musicals, poems and now I write books. Since 2015 I have written and published 4 books, one more is in the process of being written and number 6 is on the back-burner awaiting writing time.

'REVELATION A love story: The Hero | His Bride | Her Rescue', was the first of my books. It was 35 years in the making; not because I struggled over the topic, but because I was too busy with life, children and work to bring it to completion. This book explains the way I see Christ in Revelation. It actually strikes me as strange that Satan has been made the focus of end-time theology because, when I read Revelation, I see Satan being judged by Christ and thrown into the Lake of Fire. He is not given any authority or power by God to do anything, let alone bring judgment. Instead, all power and authority is given by God to Christ and it is Christ who brings all the judgments written. Meanwhile, the great love Christ has for his beautiful Bride is clearly seen; from the protections he puts in place for her at the beginning right through to the rewards he lavishes on her at the end. From start to finish the Book of Revelation reveals the greatest love story the world has ever known.

'TITHING Does it insult God?', my second book, was born out of the heart of my friend, Miriam Wentworth, who as a new Christian, nearly lost her faith when she found she had been lied to about Tithing. It shows from Scripture that Old Testament Tithing had nothing to do with money and reveals how, under the New Covenant, Christ replaced Tithing with something better.

'JUDGING Is it a sin?', my third book, tackles the impossible half truth 'judge not' and reveals how powerful is the call of God to judge with righteous judgment. It includes my personal and victorious testimony as a whistleblower against corruption in Australia's Defence Intelligence Community.

'LOVING What does it mean?' my fourth book, looks at the difference between God's Command to love and our human concept of love and explores how human love has altered God's original meaning of love. It includes a pre-creation story about the love between the Father, the Son and their Seven Spirits, their united love for mankind and Lucifer's jealous hatred of man, his rebellion and fall and his hand in mankind's fall.

These three Scripture based books are a series of easy to read handbooks of around 100 pages each.

'TOTALITY' My fifth book is a prose based adventure for children. It combines Christ's sacrifice at Calvary with his eternal promise of hope in Revelation, which I believe are not separate from each other but together show the whole picture of Salvation, hence the title, 'Totality'.  It tumbles from excitement to drama and from romance to intrigue and includes a dragon, a wicked queen, two ugly dragon pets, a royal hero, a peasant girl who falls in love with the royal hero and progresses to princess as she overcomes the traps and attacks of the wicked queen, and the seven royal helpers who give her the power and encouragement to overcome the snares of the wicked queen and take her safely to her prince. The story is set in a fictional place on the edge of two worlds. This is still being written and I hope to have it published by the end of this year. Aimed at a 9-13 year old audience, it will have about 50-60 short chapters and be internally illustrated with sketches.  

After this is published, who knows what I will be doing next - there are so many possibilities...

Be blessed...

Write the vision!  Make it plain!  So that it can be sent out!  (Hab.2:2)